PE S2017 Option File Update SMoKE Patch 9.8.4 By EsLaM

1-Competition Structure (Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A , La Liga)
2-The latest transfer summer of the day (9-7-2018)
3-Modify new Trainers for Some teams
4-Update Play Plans

Repair And Update 3
1-Update and Repair Boot Pack
2-Add NEW MiniFace WC2018(Germany_Egypt_england_Spain_Portugal
Roma_Diogo Dalot_Fred_U. Bolt)
3-Add photos of new trainers
4-dispense with the Players, which has become an abomination
and entered the list of legends
5-Add U.Bolt And Update ElNeny number

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Credit : EsLaM

Other Preview

Update the ascending teams of the periodicals
Last transfer 2018/2019
Trainers Teams 2018/2019
NEW MiniFace Roma And WC2018

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