PES 2018 Stadiumpack V2 Fix (AIO) by MjTs-140914

Stadium List:
[1] Old Traford (st007)
[2] Allianz Stadium (st022)
[3] Allianz Arena (st009)
[4] Stade de France (st012)
[5] Olympiastadion Berlin (st038)
[6] Stadion Narodowy (st039)

Total stadium 46 with Random & HomeField

Why Allianz arena change to st009?
because game limited 46 stadium and st011 cant use in UCL mode, and st031 change to st039 replace with Stadion Narodowy.
From old version stadium allianz arena is contains 2 ID st011 (Exhibiton Match) & st031 (UCL Mode), and in this version use 1 ID only st009.

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Password: v2

KONAMI, Durandil Pes, Itoy, Daniel, Atong Zul,
Jayveerk, Tunizizou, Atvaark, All PES-Moders.