PES 2018 konami DP4 compatibility fix patch X19

Today the 26th, konami released a new data Pack version 4, this will auto update the game via steam and will make the patch incompatible with the new version so the game will start with out the patch features (STEAM USERS ONLY)

This small fix will make the latest patch version x19 compatible with the patch, please read carefully the notes below for more information


It is important to know that this fix will not have the new faces or kits of the new DP, but will be included in the next version of the patch, all new files will be included in version X20 (world cup special version)

konami DP 4.0 includes the following:

1- Updated models of the National Team kits
this DP included kits for 25 teams, all new kits (except national kits) are already in smoke patch, updated national kits will be merged with smoke kits, along with updates for world cup participates all will be included in version X20

2- New Boot
konami added one new boot, this is already in the patch

3- Faces
99 new or updated faces will be included in the next patch version (X20)

4- Mini faces
a lot of mini faces included, most of them are already in the patch, the rest will be included next version.

for more info about this DP visit konami website

Installation (steam only):

- Download and run the fix
after installing the latest update X19, extract the file archive, then run the fix and select the game directory
Click For Download Content
thanks to all patch fans and anyone who contributed to the patch.

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