PES 2017 Mod Kits Textures and Realistic Uniforms

This mod allows us to have more realistic uniforms!

Contain 3 cpk files:

– Detail_Mod: Soft mist and fog, Reflection of the ball as in PS4, High quality skies, Heavy rain, Specular face, Specular body, Stains to the booties, Stains to the kits, Lights as in PS4, Realistic lines of game, High quality graphics, and more.

– 2K Textures: It will change all the textures and will give you a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels that will increase the realism in your pes. In addition to that it will make the shirts, shorts and stockings have real fabric texture and the stockings will have a woven mesh.

– Kits Texture PES18: Mod of new kits of PES 2018 for PES 2017 PC.
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Credit Reda Ghazal

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