PES-MODIF: How To Edit A PES 2017 Scoreboard by Gaming Corfu


How To Edit A PES 2017 Scoreboard by Gaming Corfu

This is a tutorial on how to edit a PES 2017 scoreboard to add any TV logo you want.

Tools you need & download links:
CPK Manager by sxsxsx|
PES File Explorer by Jenkey1002|
Adobe Potoshop CS6|

1. Copy the cpk file of the scoreboard to desktop
2. Open the cpk file with CPK Manager
3. Export the APK Texture Block of licenceTexturePes.bin
4. Open the apk file with PES File Manager
5. Export tex000 as png
6. Open the exported png file with Adobe CS6
7. Erase the current TV logo and place another in the same position
8. Save the file as
9. Go to CPK Manager, click on licenceTexturePes.bin and then on APK Module
10. Right click on tex000, import DDS, select
11. Save the cpk file
12. Finished! Now you can rename the cpk file if you want, move it to your download folder of PES 2017, add it to your DpFileList.bin and you're ready to play PES 2017 with your created scoreboard!

Credit : Gaming Corfu

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