PES-MODIF: PES 2017 Gameplay Patch v.4 by DX Diesel


PES 2017 Gameplay Patch v.4 by DX Diesel

 PES2017. Gameplay v.4 by DX Diesel
Features gameplay
1. Ball - adding speed and the rest in order to achieve stability of the players and the speed bumps, because the speed of the game in this version you put on * -1 * (It is not very noticeable, but the ball flies from the top to the bottom on impact).
2. The game AI enhanced ( home playing with a big onslaught of attack than at a party)
3. More bounce when striking the ball, (own goals are possible)
4. Counter-more real (one-on-one with the goalkeeper more often than in the past)
5. Judges 60% less cards for violations (and the rest on softer)
6. Dribbling from AI - frequent feints at the attack.
7. Long Shots from the AI ​​often.
8. And the rest for not much.

IMPORTANT: The speed set  "- 1" & Backup dt18

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Credit : DX Diesel

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