PES-MODIF: PES 2017 Gameplay Live v.5 Final by DzhonX


PES 2017 Gameplay Live v.5 Final by DzhonX

 PES2017. Gameplay Live v.5 Final by DzhonX
What's New:
1. ball - Reduced friction transmission power.
2. ballplayer- ball is closer to the player.
3. ballplayerDribble - adding to the little dribbling from the AI.
4. ballplayerPass - AI game of pass quickly.
5. ballplayerShoot - Strong team of more attacks and hit the goal.
6. Defence - Defence is strengthened to the maximum (tin).
7. press - Pressing from the enhanced AI.
8. Added more rebounds.
9.  player - press - on the part of AI less selections.
*. team - defence, Cover, Mark - the distance protection were added besides, 
     wider viewing angle, etc.
*. Attack strengthened - a variety of passes, the onslaught.
     ( such as playing for PSG against  difficult to score )

Back-up PES2017.exe n dt_18.cpk before copy paste file gameplay

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Credit : DzhonX

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