PES-MODIF: PES 2017 Patch Tuga Vicio 1.0 AIO by Team Tuga Vicio


PES 2017 Patch Tuga Vicio 1.0 AIO by Team Tuga Vicio

PES 2017 Patch Tuga Vicio 1.0 AIO by Team Tuga Vicio
Liga NOS (100% Kits / Logos)
League Santander (100% Kits / Logos)
Liga 123 (100% Kits / Logos)
Serie A (100% Kits / Logos)
Serie B (100% Kits / Logos)
Bundesliga (100% Kits / Logos)
Other European (60% Kits / 100% Logos) (VAO ser alteradas Algumas Equipes)
Mode Online Compatíbel
the Bayern (new)
Pack de Estádios Tuga vicio (Updates Konami Estarlen Silva Turfs- Pack 2.0)
BallPack & Ballpack1 (
User chooses the pack, just rename the name)
365 Faces
20 Mini faces added (PES2016)
Scoreboard com Replay (NOS League Referee Kits)
Scoreboard sem Replay (Referee Kits FIFA)
FMODS Overhaul Enhancement Mod by Fruits (Mode Online and My Club)
PES2017-DpFileList Generator by Baris
and more ...



Replace the new folder download for that is in your game directory and folder Konami put in your documents. Real-time update is already done.

Team Tuga Vicio
Estica, Neto22, G-Style, mb_force, Tuga2771
Special thanks:
Estarlen Silva,, Kruptsev, Vlad_R, Steet, Lucas, Bono10, Andrey_Pol, Rednik, bahty, Lagun-2, Wygno, L.G.R, GONDURAS2012, saviogoncalves1995, Sameh Momen, Znovik_S ,Mo Ha, PESLogos, Pro Evolution Soccer | Faces VK, pes-stars faces, Akel Emad, Boris, Nemanja, smeagol75, Angeltorero (facebook kits), edwin, 4N63L, erzo77, SXSXSX, Txak, danyy77, hawj mk, Ggblues, Buffon99, stanek1983, PantelG7, WER, Site PES Master, supalids, majuh, DrDoooMuk, Boris, Fruits and all Sites and People which has contributed to PES.