PES 2017 Patch Tuga Vicio 0.5 AIO

Patch new version of Data and Updates kits and faces, fix Badges, new balls are upgrades from previous versions.


Team Tuga Vicio
Estica, Neto22, G-Style, mb_force, Tuga2771

Special thanks:
Estarlen Silva,, Kruptsev, Vlad_R, Steet, Lucas, Bono10, Andrey_Pol, Rednik, bahty, Lagun-2, Wygno, L.G.R, GONDURAS2012, saviogoncalves1995, Sameh Momen, Znovik_S ,Mo Ha, PESLogos, Pro Evolution Soccer | Faces VK, pes-stars faces, Akel Emad, Boris, Nemanja, smeagol75, Angeltorero (facebook kits), edwin, 4N63L, erzo77, SXSXSX, Txak, danyy77, hawj mk, Ggblues, Buffon99, stanek1983, PantelG7, WER, Site PES Master, supalids, majuh, DrDoooMuk, Boris and all Sites and People which has contributed to PES.

Delete the download folder of your game and place the new copy the Konami folder for your documents. Trainers then seek and place, are few and forgot, Guardiola, Mourinho, Conte, Nuno Espírito Santo

After Selector be ready as soon as you put more things, for those who do not want to use osCânticos here is the file you only have to exchange for what will be in the download folder DpFileList.bin:


Patch it’s ALL in ONE.

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