PES 2017 PC Option File Update 29.09.2016 by Sonjiru

PES 2017 PC Option File Update 25.09.2016 by Sonjiru
General Features
Correct Teamnames
Correct Logos
Correct Names for all Nationalplayers
Correct names for Classic Teams
Correct Bundesliga

New Features
Added Ingame Kits for Bundesliga
Added Correct Brazilian League (special thanks to @mckagan22)
Added some Faces (exactly list will follow soon)


Don’t apply the Live-Update
Save something you need from your own Edit File (Kits, Created Teams etc)
Then extract the downloaded file to your save folder.
For Example (Documents, KONAMI, PES 2017, save)

Thanks to: Real Player Name List from evo-web, davfanpes,
Thanks to: Valencia 25, KoBr24, bamabravesfan, ronstyan, kostv, maquiavelo for some faces
Thanks to: mckagan22 for sharing the Brazilian League

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