PES-MODIF: PES 2016 Patch Tuga Vicio v6.4 - Released 20 June 2016


PES 2016 Patch Tuga Vicio v6.4 - Released 20 June 2016

PES 2016 Patch Tuga Vicio v6.4 Released 20 June 2016
Patch Tuga Vicio 6.4

Copa America Centenary  and Uefa Euro 2016

• Leagues Europe and Other European Teams 2016/17
• Euro 100%
• Copa America 100%
• Over 2100 Faces
• About 180 faces created In-Game
• Created New Players (A. Kiwomya (Chelsea), M. Grujic (Free), Alex Teixeira (Free), Joel Carli (Botafogo), Caio Monteiro (Vasco), Ó. Cardozo (Free), Luiz Araujo (São Paulo/Free)
• Updated kits for selections (Euro and Copa América Centenario)
• New Scoreboards (Copa America, TVI24, BAND, TVP, AZETCA and CARACOL)
• New Scoreboards (Euro RTP 1 and SPORT • TV1)
• New BootPack
• 77% Brasileirão Update
• Online Mode Version 1.05 DP 4.00
• Online Turf Update, Balls, Adboards and Gloves
• Copa America  Groups and Normal Mode
• Adboards Update
• .cpk TugaVicio_Fix (Corrections and also for Members add new faces or Kits )
and much more.....

Note: Do not Use Tattoos.
The ADDONS (Stadiums, Stadium Names, Adboards, Chants and Turf Model) are included and updated, activate in the selector.

Download PES 2016 Patch Tuga Vicio v6.4 - Released 20 June 2016


Credits :

TEAM Tuga Vicio

-e todos os membros que nos ajudaram

Other credits:
G-Style, neto22, Kruptsev, Futsur , Znovik_S, Wygno, orejon_82 , Cronos, Engloda, Vadim, Prince Shieka, MarioMilan, HD3011, Tunizizou, Fatih KUYUCAK, So-Yul, CRI, Mo Ha, Ginda01, Fruits, majuh, quangtri78, pesmonkey2013, Alief, exTReme, Ozy_96 PesMod, donyavia, Mohamed Triki, Jesus Hrs, Estarlen Silva, A20Group, River Jin, Franklucio, BruhDawg, mEkc10, DP13, killer1896, muske25, BlackRider1993, ljq12697, PolarisNine, Nemanja, Steet, Sameh Momen, Hawke, Kairzhanov,  BlackBull, vangheljs , Tizziano, Txak, saviogoncalves1995, Lucas, PES Logos, pes-stars, BMPES, GONDURAS2012, Andrey_Pol, Mo Ha, Prince Shieka,L.G.R, Burgos, Mayo, Professional, Rednik, MT Games 1991, IDK, Klashman69, Tisera09, Angeltorero, Jesus Hrs.
All Facemakers, All Kitmakers, All edit PES

juce, extream87, lagun-2, smeagol75, sxsxsx, razib_46, evowebonly

Tradução PES Selector:
BOOX, shadominus

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